Course Info

We welcome you to partake in our CFSC & CRFSC courses.

Classes will be held 2 days 8-10 hours in duration, weekdays and weekends through GTAA and surrounding areas. Please refer to the calendar for location, dates, and times.

You must register under the tab "Choose Dates". It will require you to submit your legal name, email, phone number, and the type of course you wish to enrol into. Once we have received your request, we will contact you back and require you to make a deposit in order to reserve your seat.

What The Course Includes
  • In-class education instruction; theory and practical
  • CFSC & CRFSC Manual
  • Exam; written and practical


Bookings will require a deposit of $104.40 per person. Payments can be completed through Interac e-Transfer at your online banking service to: kennysingh@cofainc.ca

Upon registration you will be receive a confirmation email of your enrolment. You may email us for further inquiries at: kennysingh@cofainc.ca or call us at (647) 938-0927.


Course balance must be payable by Cash or e-Transfer on the first day of classes. Please arrive 15 minutes early for payment to be processed and receipts to be issued.


Cancellation Policy

  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • No refunds will be provided for persons that fail to attend their selected course dates and no refunds will be provided to persons who wish to cancel their order.
  • A notice of two (2) weeks is required to change confirmed courses to a different date.
  • Should you have to leave during class due to an emergency or illness, you will have an opportunity to reschedule for a different date. No further deposits will be required and no refunds will be administered.

Special Accommodations

If you require special accommodations, please advise us via email beforehand so that we can accommodate your needs accordingly.

Note: If there is a group of 10-12 people residing in a different city within the province of Ontario we are willing to provide our services to accommodate your needs.

Please be advised, this page is updated frequently with new dates and times throughout the months.

    Take the Course you can no longer Challenge the Test!

    If you believe that you already have sufficient knowledge about firearms that investing in the full course is not required, Ready Aim Firearms Safety encourages you to take our on-line 10 question quiz before making your final decision. If you score 8 out of 10 or better on this quiz you should have no problem passing the exams once you have completed the course. The actual examination is 50 questions similar to the ones on this quiz. Remember, you must also be able to pass the practical firearms handling examination with a score of 80% or better as well. Nothing replaces the benefit of taking the entire course, even if you have ecperience with firearms or have taken the course many years ago.

    A responsible firearms owner looks at the opportunity to refresh their knowledge as an opportunity to improve their skills.

    True False
    True False
    True False
    True False
    True False

    Q. Do I need authorization to transport my firearms from one location to another?

    Any time you personally transport a restricted or prohibited firearm within Canada, you need an Authorization to Transport (ATT) from the Chief Firearms Officer of the province where the firearm is located or where it will be entering Canada. You do not need an ATT for firearms that are being shipped by licensed carrier or for non-restricted firearms that you are transporting yourself.

    Q. How do I obtain an authorization to transport a restricted or prohibited firearm?

    If you have a valid Canadian firearms licence authorizing you to possess that class of firearm, you can apply by calling 1-800-731-4000 or by submitting an Application for an Authorization to Transport Restricted Firearms and Prohibited Firearms, form RCMP 5490, to the Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) of the province or territory where the firearm is located.
    If you are a non-resident and are using a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration to bring a restricted firearm to Canada for an approved purpose , you should contact the applicable CFO in advance to apply for an Authorization to Transport (using form RCMP 5490). The CFO offices can be contacted by phoning the Canadian Firearms Program's contact centre at 1-800-731-4000. The hours of operation of the contact centre are Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm nationwide.

    Q. Can I send firearms in the mail?

    You may ship restricted firearms, non-restricted firearms and prohibited handguns from one Canadian location to another Canadian location if you use the most secure method offered by Canada Post that requires a signature upon delivery. Prohibited firearms, other than prohibited handguns, and firearms being shipped across the Canadian border, must be shipped by an individual or carrier company licensed under the Firearms Act to transport those classes of firearms.
    You are required by law to ship firearms unloaded and in a safe and secure manner to deter loss, theft and accidents.

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