CFSC Non-Restricted

Non-Restricted firearms are generally sporting rifles and shotguns used for hunting with an overall length of 660 mm or greater. If it is centre fire semi-automatic firearm, the barrel length must be at least 470 mm to qualify as non-restricted.

No Authorization to Transport is required to transport a non-restricted firearm from the location where the firearm is registered.
People must have a Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL) licence to possess or to acquire a non-restricted firearm.
The Canadian Firearms Safety Course deals with all aspects of a Non-Restricted Firearm and how the different types of firearms actions work. The course also covers ammunition, legal aspects, safe and legal storage as well as transportation.
There is a written and practical test that must be completed with passing marks of 80% minimum.
After completing the exam your paper work will be forward to the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario in Orillia, where it will be processed and duly certified and two copies will be returned to you in about four (4) to six (6) weeks. Keep one copy and store it in a safe place for the future. The other copy goes with your Firearms Licence application.
The fee for this licence is $60.00 for five (5) years.